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The weekly Roundup: posts You might have missed

Well, it’s official. welcome to 2012.

I hope you had a blast last night. Did you stay up to midnight or conk out early? I was tempted and tired enough to go to bed around 10:30, but El Hub talked me into renting a movie that kept me up the rest of the way (Fright night — a cheesy vampire flick, and you know how much I like those).


Yesterday I actually went ice skating! There’s a rink at Union Square in downtown San Francisco. I’ve only been ice skating a few times, so I’m not exactly an Olympic figure skater, but at least I didn’t fall (or cause anyone else to fall), which is something.

After skating El Hub and I went to see mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and then stopped at a sushi place for dinner.

It was one heck of a day… I can’t remember the last time El Hub and I had so much fun. It was such a clear night that we were even able to see fireworks off in the distance from our deck.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

What a nice start to 2012. Something tells me it’s going to be a great year, but certainly not if these guys can help it…

Highlighter Haters. They’re awful beasts!


Frekvens: Sjeldne
SPEED: Deceptively fast
SPECIAL ATTACKS: These guys feed off of light and brightness, sucking it out of their surroundings and making the world (and the cheeks) around them dull and lifeless.
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Well, they’re made of pure energy, so they’re immune to most physical attacks.
INTELLIGENCE: low (animal)
Justering: Nøytral
SIZE: massive (30′ tall)

Noen få skjønnhetsposter som fanget mitt øye …

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The weekly Roundup: MBB posts You might have Missed


I have to say, for a long, long time I didn’t think much of NARS Eyeshadow Duo in star Sailor ($33), and I sailed past it many times without giving it as much as a sneaky side-eye glance.

Then, one day, the planets and stars were aligned just right, and I decided to see what swatches of its two shadows would look like on my skin.

Over månen! — that’s how I felt when the first shade, a shimmery yellow gold, and the second, a shimmery golden bronze, blossomed before me, like a nebula under the watchful eye of the Hubble space Telescope…

Sorry, I’m a sucker for a good (or middling) space reference. Les mer…


Since all I really had to do today was eat, I decided not to go all out with my makeup. I went with a mostly neutral look using products from NARS, MAC, Buxom, Tarte, Boots, Hourglass, urban Decay and Madina Milano.

I guess I’d describe this as neutral with a side of sparkle… I think the eyes are probably sparklier in person than they might appear here because the sparkles from NARS Eyeshadow in night star are shy in front of the camera.

They are there, though, doing their sparkly thing.

I wore this out to lunch with the fam today to a local Redding institution, a great little burger joint here called Damburger, which has been around since 1938! El Hub has a relative who’s been getting burgers there since about 1946. read more…

upgrade YOUR options IN color WITH THIS
QUICK travel makeup TIP

Over my four-day Christmas trip up and down northern California to visit with my parents and in-laws, I relied on one particular makeup trick a little more than the others. I’m just about to hit the road back home to Novato, but first, if you like to wear different looks often but don’t usually have a lot of room to spare in your travel makeup bag, here’s one quick and easy way to increase your color options.

Pack as many colorful sticks of eyeliner as you can find, and with one quick swipe along your upper and/or lower lash lines, you’ve got a new fast, fun look.

This trip I brought MAC, urban Decay and NARS eyeliners in gray, purple, green, gold, blue and bronze, along with my usual liners in black and brown.

Det er det! quick and easy color that doesn’t take up much cargo space. Les mer…

A+ makeup and beauty department store (AND OTHER) products OF 2011

2011 was another awesome year for feline and human makeup and beauty. along with rediscovering/falling in love again with a slew of pulse-pounding permaneNT-produkter fra noen av mine favorittlinjer som Mac og Nars, jeg støtter også i bunter av vakre produkter til Lurve på apotek og varehushyller.

Hvis du er på markedet for noe spesielt å tilbringe et julegavekort på, bør du vurdere en av de overanvisende A + varehusprodukter nedenfor. Alle er på utkikk etter nye hjem akkurat som din og kan bli funnet i butikkene nå. Les mer…

10 av mine plukker for leder av klassen
A + Makeup og Beauty Drugstore produkter fra 2011

Å gå til et apotek etter en lang dag er en av mine favoritt måter å slappe av. Jeg skal vende gjennom noen få magasiner, ta en iskegle, og cruise kosmetikkgangen på jakt etter litt noe jeg kan få meg selv som en budsjett skjønnhetsbehandling.

Det har vært en ritual av meg helt siden jeg var tenåring.

Sikkert, jeg elsker avdelingsbutikk skjønnhet og store merkevarer som nytte og nars, men noen av mine favoritt sminke og skjønnhetsprodukter bor ikke i butikker som Nordstrom, Sephora eller Mac, og derfor har jeg alltid et mykt sted for Drugstores. Ikke bare fordi de gjør det mulig for gals på et stramt budsjett å se bra ut fra hodet til tå, men fordi de også gjør det enkelt å behandle deg selv uten å bryte banken. Les mer…

Timeglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15
Holder sminke på og videre til pause i daggry

Mens det ikke er et helt nytt produkt, er sløret nytt for meg. Jeg ble nylig nylig kjent med det bra mens jeg besøkte og bor hos familien de siste dagene, da jeg gjorde min sminke tidlig om morgenen og trengte noe for å hjelpe mitt utseende sist fra daggry til skumringen. Denne måneden var det noe som var sløret.

Før jeg slo meg på sløret, prøvde jeg en rekke andre primere fra Mac, sminke for alltid, Smashbox og dekke FX i løpet av måneden eller så siden Thanksgiving. Slør har vært min favoritt så langt.

Mange primere føler seg tykke og tunge for meg, som de smotter min kombinasjon, tørr / oljeaktig / akne-utsatt hud, men lett sløret absorberer raskt og ikke føler at det bare sitter på de øverste lagene av huden som en innsjø av pore-kvelende produkt. Det har heller ikke forårsaket noen breakouts, i nærheten som jeg kan fortelle, og jeg har hørt fra andre jenter som elsker det spesielt av denne grunn. Les mer…

Nars unsung helter
Indisk Summer Eyeshadow Duo

Nars har en evne til nøytrale øyenskygge, men liker “Em med en vri, som stjerne sjømann, som fulgte meg på min raske ferie tur i helgen. Å holde oss firma på den åpne veien var en annen dynamisk nøytral duo fra nars, den $ 33 indiske sommeren Duo Eyeshadow, som skjer for å være gjenstand for dagens Unsung Heroes Post.

Som begge fargene i Star Sailor, holder Indian Summers skygger en lav profil til de kommer ut av sine panner; Det er da deres pulverskygger synger. I den offisielle PR, er nyanser beskrevet som en frostet champagne og en sennepsfrø, men jeg tror de er mye mer spennende enn det. Les mer…

Disse støvlene NO7 Poppy King Lipsticks
Handler om historie, kraft, glamour, forførelse, intriger, selvtillit og allure

Wow, ok, 29. desember? Og vi sparker fortsatt? Shoot, we need to reward ourselves for making it through the holidays.

Yes, I’m totally serious! perhaps some small token for artfully dodging the family drama (which takes tremendous skill), for enduring that undercover sibling rivalry that never quite goes away, or for cooking that monster meal that catered to everyone’s preferences and food allergies (SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else out there still like cilantro?). Whatever the justification, I think we’re all due a small “Woo-hoo, we made it!” kind of prize, and I can’t think of a better one than Boots No7 Poppy King Lipstick ($9.99).

The new line of seven limited edition lipsticks launched last month at Target, and there’s a lot to like about it beyond the price. Les mer…


Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


P.S. about those makeup monsters, I know I’m not the only one here who likes to draw, so if you’ve seen any makeup monsters you’d like to draw or paint, shoot them over to me! I’d love to feature them here.

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