Hudpleieråd Paulas valg Cosmetics A fabulous fall wardrobe update for the price o’ Lunch! The $13 H&M V-Neck jersey top

A fabulous fall wardrobe update for the price o’ Lunch! The $13 H&M V-Neck jersey top

awesome fall fashion find: the $12.95 H&M V-Neck jersey Top
H&M is totally my jam right now.

There’s a store at the Northgate mall about 10 minutes from here, which I guess is both a blessing and a curse, haha!


Sometimes I’ll walk in there, and the sudden barrage of stimulation — the loud music, the excess of cheesy faux fur, the wall-to-wall racks all jam-packed — is too just too much for me, and I’ll walk right out. but other times, I’ll walk in and it’s like the budget fashion heavens have opened up, and it’s raining cute clothes.

That’s what happened when I came across this V-Neck jersey Top.

Imitation leather pants by H&M ($34, currently available in stores and online), necklace by Kate Spade (no longer available), pearl studs and blue spiked bracelet by designers I can no longer remember, unfortunately; lipstick is MAC Relentlessly Red retro Matte
First off, it’s only $12.95, which DUUUUUUUDE, is about the same amount as a soup/salad combo with a large iced tea.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Second, it fits like a dream. The top is flowy and forgiving, but not so flowy that you could make an extra shirt from the excess fabric, and the 3/4 sleeves keep it from looking like pirate gear (yargh, an issue I have with some flowy tops, matey!). The pin-tucks in the shoulders and the buttons also keep it from looking boring.

And then there’s the length. I like that it’s slightly longer in the back because I think it looks cute worn untucked with leggings. but it’s just as adorable tucked into pants, too, which is how it’s styled on the model at

It does seem to run a little big, so you might want to size down.

And for my fellow lazy gals, guess what? You won’t have to iron (YES!). I usually just wash mine on the delicate cycle (kind of a must with H&M stuff, which isn’t always super sturdy), hang it up to air dry, and that’s that.

I ended up liking the top so much that I went back later for more. At $12.95 for these, you don’t have to spend a pirate’s ransom to update your wardrobe.

The H&M V-Neck jersey top is available in a few different colors and patterns now at, but you might also want to check the store if you live near one, because they may have some additional colors. The one by my house also had light pink and cream, which were also very cute.

You know it’s fall when…

…your most exciting plans involve watching new episodes of your favorite TV shows. I can’t wait to watch the The Mindy project and new girl tonight.

Speaking of that, did you happen to catch The Voice last night?? Wasn’t that last audition by James Wolpert the sh*zz? I got goosebumps, girl. Homeboy can EMOTE!


A’ight, I’m out. hope you had a great day, babe. I’ll see you at the top of the hump.

Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


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