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The new NARS Audacious Lipstick Collection: The Nudes

new NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita ($32)
Am I the only one available who believes this is funny?

Full-coverage nude lipsticks?


I dunno… I believe it’s kinda funny.

A totally opaque lipstick in a shade that’s supposed to make it look like you’re not using any type of lipstick at all?

Det er morsomt! Granted, I am quickly amused…


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

So, opaque nude lipsticks, particularly the ones in the new NARS Audacious Lipstick collection. There are nine nude shades ($32 each) nestled among the radiant reds, courageous corals, incredible oranges, punchy pinks as well as strong berries in the release, as well as they aren’t your daily nudes.

No, these are like nude comic book characters (Chris Evans, perhaps?)! — able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, as well as hop the hurdles that lower nude lipsticks frequently stop working to overcome.

From the left: Jane, Julie, Anna, Barbara, Anita, Raquel, Brigitte as well as Vanessa (Barneys new York Exclusive)
First, these NARS Audacious nudes are totally full coverage, so even if your lips are pigmented like mine, these nudes appear rich on the lips. No layering needed. All it takes is a single swipe.

Second, none of the nine make me look like a washed-out Nicki Minaj impersonator, a unusual accomplishment in these challenging times.

Like the other Audacious Lipsticks I’ve tried, the nudes are potently pigmented as well as additional smooth; however, I believe they’re likewise somewhat more difficult to wear than their more vibrant counterparts.

I don’t understand if it’s since they’re nude, or since of something else, however they seem to exacerbate the cool problems I’m having with my lips — in my situation now, dryness as well as flakes — to a higher degree than the bolder shades do.


When my kayak-damaged lips completely heal as well as return to normal, it won’t be a huge whoop, however if your pout is perpetually parched, you may want to integrate the utilize of a rich lip balm (I’m lovin’ Osmnia Organics Honey-Myrrh Lip repair work right now), as well as lather up your lips like butter on a slice of toast.

OK, that’s sufficient background. now let’s get nude. #pantsareoverrated

The neutral pinkish browns: Raquel as well as Barbara

For a traditional nude lip, inspect out Raquel as well as Barbara. For pinkish browns, I believe they’re excellent options, lovely on both warm as well as awesome skin tones.

Raquel, the lighter, brighter option, is a pinkish beige.

Barbara is a tad deeper as well as contains a touch more tan.

I believe both are extremely lovely as well as among my general favorites of the whole lot since of exactly how they accent without overpowering anything on my lids.

Either would be fantastic as an daily lipstick, or as something to pair with smokey eyes.

The cooler-toned increased as well as mauve nudes: Anna, Vanessa as well as Anita

Alas, the woman cannot online on nude neutral pinkish browns alone… When you’re looking for a cooler-toned increased or mauve to wear with your purply taupes or gunmetal grays, think about Anna, Vanessa as well as Anita.

Anna, a smokey rose, is the deepest of the three, as well as on me it exposes a hint of violet, which I dig.


When I see mauve nude Vanessa as well as rosy nude Anita, I think, “Twinsies!” since they look so similar in my swatches.

They are different, though. Vanessa is lighter as well as seems more carefree — like the one you’d wear with cutoffs, a storage tank top as well as a fun bun to walk your cat/dog/llama at the park.

Vanessa (Barneys new York Exclusive)
Vanessa (Barneys new York Exclusive)
Anita is somewhat darker than Vanessa as well as the more serious of the two. There would likely be no llama walking with Anita…

I would wear Anita if I had to go to a satisfying as well as stand in front of a big group of people, point at stuff as well as shout at shaky interns, “WHERE ARE ALL THE PENS!?”

The warmer brown, increased as well as pinkish nudes: Jane, Julie as well as Brigitte

Now, if warm nude shades warm your heart, get down with Jane, Julie as well as Brigitte, the warm brown, increased as well as pinkish nudes in the release.

With the tail end of summertime approaching, warm, rich Jane, a brown nude, would look fantastic with bronzed skin. It has a slight hint of red to it, which should go well with a tan.

Julie as well as Brigitte may look like kissing cousins while standing in their tubes, however their differences are more obvious on lips.

Julie is brighter as well as pinker than Brigitte, while Brigitte is deeper as well as rosier.

Both shades kick butt on yellowy olive skin tones. I’ve had both of them in my handbag nonstop lately.

Raquel as well as Barbara
Anna, Vanessa as well som anita
Jane, Julie så vel som Brigitte
Hvor kan du oppdage dem?

Alle ni av disse nudene dukker opp med resten av 40-delt nars hevlig leppestiftsamling 1. september på nars boutiques, tellere så vel som også online.


Innenfor 40-delt samlingen, 10 av nyanser – Vanessa, Julie, Marisa, Kelly, Carmen, Dominique, Silvia, Vivien, Sandra samt Ingrid – er spesielle til Barneys New York butikker, men alle 40 av dem er permanente.

Din Friendly Community Beaution Addict,


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